Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dehydrating Cranberries.

So beautiful.

It's been a busy week here on our little homestead. I have had a big bag of cranberries sitting in the freezer, just staring at me everytime I open the door, well remember I got this for Christmas from Mr. Agape? I decided I better put it to use on those cranberries. I got it out of the package and washed and dried it and set it up. To prepare the cranberries, you bring a big pot of water to a rolling boil and drop in the cranberries, next time I will do half a bag at a time, and let the skins split. After about 2 or 3 minutes, or when the skins are split, drain the berries well and place on the dehydrating racks. If it looks like the skins are not split, press on the cranberries with a spoon otherwise they will not dry well. Put them in your dehydrator evenly spaced out, then turn it up to 135 degrees and leave for about 16 hours. Mine took much longer, about 20 hours, because I left them in the water too long waiting for the skins to split, likely because I dumped the whole bag in at once. Once they look dry enough remove and store, since they do not have any preservatives they will likely still need to be stored in the freezer or fridge. I can't wait to try them in cookies and muffins. Yummy!
Happy dehydrating!
Final product. No filter sure makes a difference ;)